Wortegemsen, The Original!








Wortegemsen Classic - 1 litre

After all these years, our litre bottle is still an unadulterated classic, both at home and in the hospitality industry. The anti-drip cap means not a drop is lost and can also be used to measure out the perfect quantity. Which is ideal if you want to be economical with your Wortegemsen and especially convenient when preparing a delicious cocktail. And because Wortegemsen tastes best when served cold, we have designed a special label that resists cold and condensation. It even comes out of the dishwasher looking like new!


Wortegemsen Cactus

‘Cactus’ is a ready-to-drink cocktail based on tequila.
For the best results, this amazing cocktail should be served chilled, with ice.
Sip and enjoy this truly refreshing Belgian cactus cocktail!


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