A rich and extraordinary tradition By chance...





Wortegemsen didn’t come about by chance. In fact our unique lemon jenever has a rich and extraordinary history. Distilling alcohol has always been a favourite pastime for the Flemings. 
What in the early Middle Ages was still clandestine and carried out behind closed doors, has since evolved into an authentic craft carried out by and for connoisseurs. And since then, time has by no means stood still: driven onwards by progress, Flemish jenever distillers have developed better and – especially – finer distillates. Lemon jenever is one of them.citroen


Lemon jenever actually came into being by chance. A mediaeval housewife was experimenting with jenever, lemon and sugar. And without realising it, she created a unique drink that was soon being enjoyed by many. In Flanders, this exquisite lemon jenever is still known as Wortegemsen, named after the small village in East Flanders where it was first distilled and tasted. Since that time, Wortegemsen has become a pure, top-quality local product that enjoys recognition all over the world. 



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